Welcome to the Gallery. Here you’ll find some Straps I have done recently.

Most straps shown are made from Vintage WWII Ammo pouches. Other types of leatherI’ve also done Vintage Baseball Glove Straps too.

Each piece of leather harvested is carefully considered for overall texture, condition and ‘character’ before cutting into straps. Each strap can come with either an original Ammo Pouch Notched Strap Floating Keeper or with a Chicago Binding Screw. You have your choice of Polished or Brushed finished buckles.  I have primarily Pre-V styled Screw in Buckles.  Sewn In Buckles can be custom orders.

Please feel free to email me at nubostraps@gmail.com for details, availability or custom request.  I look forward to making a custom strap for your timepiece.